Weddingbells Magazine – Spring/Summer 2012

Weddingbells Magazine – Spring/Summer 2012

Experts Beauty Primer

What makeup looks best for your wedding? How to wear your hair? Tips for perfect skin? We’ve got answers from an all-star beauty panel.

Skin Secrets

Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue says acne is the number one complaint from brides-to-be about their skin. Here are Dr. Kellett’s tips for great skin.

  • Practice good home care. “Use an exfoliating cleanser, a benzoyl peroxide gel and a gel moisturizer. Add serums and topical vitamins like A and C as required. Also wear sunscreen every day—an SPF of 30 is ideal for the face.”
  • Step up your regime. “Meet with a dermatologist 12 months pre-wedding to map out a treatment program, which may include diamond peels, epidermal or SilkPeels.”