Real Style – Fall 2012

Real Style – Fall 2012

Leah Miller’s Red Carpet Secrets

Working the red carpet is not as easy as E! host Leah Miller make it look. This red carpet regular has interviewed everyone from Natalie, Halle and Gwyneth to Kanye, Gaga, and SJP at the biggest events from TIFF to the Oscars. Real Style talked to Leah about memorable interviews, dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, surviving long hours in high heels and her beauty must-haves.

Real Style: What is the most memorable red carpet outfit you’ve worn thus far?
Leah Miller: I wore a long sleeved Alexander McQueen dress – it was from the last collection he designed before he passed away.

RS: How do you keep your feet comfortable while wearing heels? Do you have any brands you rely on?
LM: The most comfortable shoes I own are YSL Tribtoos and a pair of Azzedine Alaia suede lace up booties.

RS: Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
LM: Yes, I’ve had many! The worst was when my zipper broke on my dress minutes before the live finale on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. The show’s stylist Lee had to sew me into it!

RS: Did you have any secret wardrobe tips for the red carpet?
LM: Just be comfortable! You don’t want to be stuck in a dress you can’t move or breathe in.

What are your make-up tips for looking red carpet ready all day?
LM: I love Kellett Clear Moisturizing Gel. You don’t have to use a lot and it calms your skin. It also helps make your skin look flawless so you don’t have to hide your skin with foundation. Plus, a little mascara, bronzer, blush (NARS Orgasm/Laguna compact), and that’s it!

RS: Are there specific make-up products that work best with all the lights and cameras on the red carpet?
LM: I love Christian Dior & NARS. Those are the two brands that fill my makeup case.

RS: Who have you still not interviewed who’s on your wish list?
LM: Ryan Gosling.

RS: Who has been your best interview?
LM: It’s hard to pick just one. I always love interviewing Coldplay. They’re such lovely down-to-earth guys.

RS: Have you ever drawn a blank on the red carpet?
LM: No, I haven’t I have a pretty good memory and I never use cue cards during my interviews. I feel that it’s ignorant to be looking at the cards constantly – and then you’re not listening to what the person is saying to you!

Who have been some of your best dressed stars?
LM: I love Sarah Jessica Parker & Gwyneth Paltrow.