Oxygen Magazine – November, 2008

Oxygen Magazine – November, 2008

Product Talk

Clear Clinical Vitamin A Booster

“This is a big step forward in home skincare because we can now offer a much higher percentage of vitamin A,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett. “And by increasing the percentage of active ingredient, you’ll see far greater results, faster.”

The first product in the line is a vitamin A booster that retails for $250 for a 15mL bottle. You simply add the booster to your existing skin care product including moisturizer and eye cream and apply as you normally would. The vitamin A then works to reduce wrinkles, brighten the complexion and slows the signs of aging.

Clear Clinical Vitamin A Booster is revolutionary: New class of “Boutique” sin pharmaceutical; Used to Boost the Vitamin A potency of other products; Formulated in small batches; Exclusive, exacting production requires 14 steps and is tested at each stage of production; Highest grade of certified chemicals found only in the pharmaceutical industry; Contains the most efficacious Retinol available.