Lucky Penny Blog – February, 2010

Lucky Penny Blog – February, 2010


Lucky Penny suffers the odd breakout from time to time. (not from too much chocolate, mom!) Thankfully only braces, headgear and eye glasses plagued her awkward high school self… not zits. le sigh.

Forever indebted to her darling dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, at DLK on Avenue, who cleverly developed her own line of products called Clear Clinical.

Lucky Penny’s daily regimen starts with exfoliating gel cleanser, revitalizing toner, acne treatment cream (only for problem spots) and gel moisturizer. Once in the morning, and just before bed.

She also uses sunscreen cream SPF 30 (spray also available), sensitive skin cleanser, thermal masque and mircoderm cream scrub.

Lucky Penny is blemish-free. buh-bye adult acne!

From the Lucky Penny’s Beauty Bag