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Glow Getters

By Helen Vong

Spring clean your skin with these luminosity-enhancing products

Another winter will soon bite the dust! (Hopefully spring is not fashionably late this year!) And it’s prime time to refresh your skincare regime to help bring back your dew. First order of business: exfoliate. “One of the best secrets for an at-home way to stimulate cellular turnover is to exfoliate twice a day with a sophisticated gel-based (non-foaming) cleanser with beads,” says Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. “This results in a fresher, healthier looking complexion.” Dr. Kellett also stresses that using the right type of scrub is key to unveiling new, fresh skin quickly without irritation. Keeping dead skin cells off your epidermis not only makes it shine (in a good way), but also enables the skin to better absorb brightening ingredients you put on it afterwards. Get that lit-from-within look with the following.

  • Polishing Gel Cleanser, $45, Kellett Skincare.
  • Intensive Radiance Eye Cream, $75, Kellett Skincare.
  • Brightening Anti-Aging Cleanser, $45, Kellett Skincare.

Helen Vong is the editor of, a Toronto-based beauty website that launched in the fall of 2013.