Flare Magazine – July, 2008

Flare Magazine - July, 2008

CLEAR SKIN GUARANTEED! Pro tips to help banish zits, big pores and grease.

By Alison Garwood-Jones



Dr. Fred Weksberg, a cosmetic dermatologist in Toronto, recommends a simple, mild cleanser as Spectro Jel or Cetaphil, followed by a light , moisture-balancing moisturizer with a mild glycolic- or salicylic-acid base. FLARE’s pick: Aveda Outer peace Acne Relief Lotion, $51. Smooth it on in the morning and evening tot help clear blemishes. Dr. Weksberg also advises wearing sunscreen. “Even though you have pimples, you still need to protect your skin from sun damage, and spray-on sunscreens work best on skin with acne,” he advises. “They’re less clogging than milky solutions, plus they have an alcoholic base that helps cut down on excess oil.” FLARE’s pick: Clear Clinical Sunscreen Spray SPF 30, $34, is made especially for blemished complexions.

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