Flare Magazine – January 2012

Flare Magazine – January 2012

kellett_skincare_clarifying_acne_www_sizeTest Drive Special

By Wing Sze Tang

Our finicky FLARE team puts skin care products – from blemish busters to wrinkle smoothers – the test


The product: Kellett Clear Clarifying Acne Treatment, $75.

The promise: Benzoyl peroxide zaps acne-causing bacteria, but it also has a tendency to be drying, especially for adult acne sufferers. This serum-like treatment balances five percent BP – the highest concentration you can get over the counter – with ingredients to hydrate and soothe.

FLARE test drive: “Although my skin is naturally oily, even if I find that acne fighters can leave it flaky. This one didn’t. I used it once daily, in the morning, a pea-sized drop was all I needed to cover my whole face. Though the gel-like formula seemed gentle, don’t underestimate it: Over time my spots went from regular to rare.”