– February 4, 2014 – February 4, 2014


By Ashley

The story on how I came across KELLETT SKINCARE is actually just one of luck. After having a tremendously bad couple of months in terms of skin condition, I saw on Twitter one morning that skincare website THE SKINY was giving away a trial-edition of the infamous 3-step KELLETT SKINCARE regime. Ridiculously fed up with my over the counter products doing nothing, I thought ‘why not?’. KELLETT SKINCARE is targeted towards ‘adult acne’ – different than those products we find in the generalized skincare section of our drugstores.

Lucky me – I won the giveaway.

It just so happens to be the best happenstance decision ever – my skin is radically changed … for the better.

KELLETT SKINCARE is the system created by Dr. Lisa Kellett (there really is a Kellett behind the name!). Influenced by clients who were complaining about battling acne and the signs of aging at the same time, KELLETT SKINCARE is an acne regime that helps banish blemishes all while providing the anti-aging necessities our skin starts to require over time. Basically, it’s skincare – for adults.

Now, in my twenties, I know my skin is not the same as it used to be. I was lucky enough to be graced with relatively good skin during my high school years. Now, my skin is rebelling. Call it hormones, environmental factors, stress – I know my skin requires more than what I’m getting in the drugstore brands. I can no longer use the same cleanser I used when I was in high school – it’s just not going to work anymore. Growing up also means an evolution in your skincare routine; sometimes drastic, sometimes not. With my poor skin (and self esteem dying with every new blemish), I needed something drastic.

KELLETT CLEAR POLISHING GEL CLEANSER: The first step is their gel cleanser. It gently exfoliates with tiny beads to help reduce inflammation and control breakouts. You will truly need VERY LITTLE of this product. I’m talking pea-size. I have no idea how they manage it, but this stuff spreads like butter. Once you rinse off, I dare you to not touch the silky smoothness of your face. This is singlehandedly the best cleanser for dry skin as well, as it exfoliates off everything in one use. I no longer have large dry spots on my face due to this cleanser.

KELLETT CLEAR CLARIFYING ACNE TREATMENT: The second step is the acne treatment – a benzyol peroxide gel that helps heal existing breakouts. This product is my favourite, just because it contains the high dose of medicine your skin needs to help fight existing acne. This stuff is heavy duty – again, use a VERY SMALL amount as this stuff spreads like butter. For a little while, my skin tingled after application but that has since stopped.

KELLETT CLEAR MOISTURIZING GEL: The final step is this light moisturizing gel that helps lock in moisture and calms irritation. To be used after the clarifying acne treatment, this gel boasts a lot of hydration! A TINY amount will spread across your entire face (seriously, I don’t understand how they managed it) and possibly neck area. This moisturizer helped soothed my dry spots and seemingly locked it in for a full day. Best part? This is the step where the anti-aging properties are contained – this gel fades pigmentation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Verdict? I got 4 weeks of use out of my KELLET SKIN TRIAL COLLECTION. Well worth the $75.00 CAN price tag, especially when you’re just trying it out. Verdict for my skin? Revolutionary.

Within 1 week of use, the buildup of clogged pores along my nose and upper lip area were gone. Dry skin that constantly plagued my nose area was seriously diminished. My existing acne was reduced by 50% after ONE USE. Deep settled pores in my forehead have shrunk. One month in and I’m nothing but happy!

The only skin issue KELLETT SKINCARE doesn’t seem to help me with – painful, hormonal, under the skin bumps (author note: I’m open to suggestions for help!). While it does reduce the redness and longevity of them, I am still getting them. But all that other acne and clogged pores? Gone.

Another issue? The four piece KELLET SKINCARE regime (contains a SPF spray) runs a pricey $220.00 CAN. I implore you to do the math though – if you add up all the failed products you’ve used in the past, it would probably run about the same price. If you find a product that works for you, price is no option. And as mentioned above, this product LASTS. Since you need so little, I guarantee the products will last long-term (i.e. you won’t be replacing every 2 months).

I’ve got nothing but praise for KELLETT SKINCARE. For anyone who is looking for the new evolution of skincare, I would definitely recommend. Has anyone else tried? Let’s discuss!